On Scene: Issue Eleven

Features in this issue

  • Heavy on the Horses
    Updated FH boasts up to 780hp
  • Auto? No Thanks
    RVS opts for a manual CF 8x4
  • Raider of the Lost Marque
    Diamond Reo marvel restored
  • A World Apart
    Light is right for Recovery World
  • Sliding Scale
    Tilt-and-slides rule at CVS24
Cover Story

The Mission at Mellex

From plant hire and marine salvage to escort vehicles and heavy recovery, Mellex Group does it all.
On Scene: Issue Ten

Features in this issue

  • Dynes Shines
    Meteoric growth at Dynes Group
  • All the Bells and Whistles
    Whatever the job, Bell's will sort it
  • Bearing a Breakdown?
    KB's boss would rather face a grizzly!
  • Levelling Up
    RNW on a drive to raise standards
  • Model Citizen
    Chris Atkin's miniature marvels
Cover Story

Spirit of Scammell

Why Dave Crouch still rates anything with a Scammell badge on so highly, despite all the advances elsewhere.
On Scene: Issue Nine

Features in this issue

  • Iveco eDaily
    Towing the Company Line
  • On Point Recovery
    To the Point
  • DJ Recovery
    Making a Name for Itself
  • Tyres
    In the Groove
  • Wards of Burnley
    Recovery Ward
  • Westons Recovery
    Best Weston
Cover Story

Set in Stone

Why Stoneywood's three founding partners would rather work on in recovery than retire to the golf club.
On Scene: Issue Eight

Features in this issue

  • Recovery Room
    DAF has recently completed the overhaul of its entire heavy truck range
  • Neat and Sweet
    Jacksons Recovery keeps things tight
  • Hook, Line and Sinker
    How John McConville came to leave behind his family background
  • Doing It His Way
    Bedfordshire Recovery's founder, Ian Dominey likes to do things his way
  • Field of Operation
    Field Services Recovery's Jon Caunt on being the boss
Cover Story

Recovering Well

Roger Dyson has announced an increase in production capacity and a tie-up with Polish recovery body manufacturer Tevor, as part of a move to get around the problem of long-lead times
On Scene: Issue Seven

Features in this issue

  • Beasts from the East
    Essel recovery equipment comes to the UK
  • No ditch too deep
    Meet the heroes behind Hoddy’s Recovery
  • Seeking perfection
    Derek Beahan puts service above all else
  • Solid as an oak
    Caldicot keeps growing in every direction
  • Changing Lanes
    Lanes proves its ability to adapt
  • Stack ’em high!
    VanKit racks up some smart storage
Cover Story

Pure Gould!

Shiny metal doesn’t come in a more attractive form than Mick Gould Commercials’ stunning US-built fleet
On Scene: Issue Six

Features in this issue

  • Mission accomplished
    Quickmission shows off its new FMX
  • Throwing in the towel
    Why GM Recovery boss gave it all up
  • A Pleasant outcome
    Steady progress at Mount Pleasant
  • Blessed virgins!
    Meet the newbies running DJ Spall
  • Dutch delights
    First impressions of DAF’s new XD
  • Heading west
    How Bill Jackson took on the USA
Cover Story

American beauties

What’s made classic American trucks both the fashion and the passion at Essex-based VG Nash and Sons
On Scene: Issue Five

Features in this issue

  • Mix and match
    We meet the diverse fleet at Kerr & Smith
  • Size is everything
    AMS builds bodies fit for supersized cars
  • Cushion the blow
    How Bill Jackson developed the air cushion
  • A rude awakening
    The ‘Rude Boy’ behind RB Commercial
  • Diamond geezers
    Red House celebrates 60 years of success
  • Smart at heart
    How Saunders de-risks smart motorways
Cover Story

Freed by a Swede!

Donalds Bilbärgning handles a real smörgåsbord of recovery challenges in Sweden’s winter wonderland
On Scene: Issue Four

Features in this issue

  • One big bounceback!
    How Wreckers International made its name
  • Looking to the long term
    CWT Group punches above its weight
  • The Thrillers at Millers
    Why Millers of Longton loves its Volvos
  • Hand on heart
    Honesty is the only policy at RD Avery
  • Man with a van
    We salute the humble service van
  • Your flexible friend
    Southern Recovery’s adaptable fleet
Cover Story

From strength to strength

Recovery equipment and bodywork specialist Boniface Engineering has climbed ever higher in the last 40 years
On Scene: Issue Three

Features in this issue

  • Legendary move
    How Bill Jackson started Wreckers International
  • Scottish stars
    Ross’s Garage reveals why it favours Volvo
  • Gaining in weight
    Recovery gets heavy for LJ Transportation
  • Childhood dream
    Dibdale takes pride in its Peterbilt
  • Trip the light fantastic
    Lantern Recovery staff reveal all!
  • Reinventing the wheel
    Toad Towing tweaks its Range T
Cover Story

The perfect package

Roger Dyson reveals why, after 50 years, he’s now taking a much more holistic view of recovery vehicles.
On Scene: Issue Two

Features in this issue

  • Dave Bland Engineering
    Building the body beautiful
  • Ewen MacRae
    Where the Skye’s no limit
  • Bill Jackson
    Recovery legend in retrospect
  • Isis Rescue
    Why we ditched the clubs
  • KD Bros
    Yorkshire’s finest five decades on
  • Barry Devlin Services
    Actions speak louder than words
  • Traceys Recovery
    Where ‘light’ proves right
Cover Story

All in a day's work

Why recovery and planned vehicle movements are both part of the mix at one-stop transport shop CMG.
On Scene: Issue One

Features in this issue

  • Alpha Recovery
    Determined to succeed
  • E&S Motors
    Where principles come first
  • Hough Green Garage
    Driven by service
  • Sheriffmill Motor Company
    Three generations strong
  • Frank Ratcliffe & Son
    90 years of evolution
  • RS Recovery
    Sticking to core values
  • J&J Conversions
    Showing how it’s done
Cover Story

Hand-made hero!

How Steve Youngs of Syren still designs and hand-crafts heavy recovery equipment without the help of staff or computers.
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